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Mingling in process

I participated in a roleplay!

Thoughts on my participation in The Beholder Controller by Adam James and Common or Garden by Jamie Harper.   To be effective, larps need their players to agree on the characteristics and rules of world they will play in, also called the magic circle. As established previously, collaboration is a major corner stone of Nordic Larp practice. As a designer, I am inspired by the methodology used to warm up creative thinking in their participants during workshops. Our imaginations work differently and participating in games brings to light interesting processes to slowly engage players in character and world creation. Larps… More

Embodied experiences for speculative design

Johanna Koljonen is a writer, radio and TV host from Finland. She has researched, written for, about and through Larping and is a popular lecturer on the subject. This Introduction to Nordic Larp from the Nordic Larp Talks Stockholm 2010 is an overview of what is Live Action Role Playing can be, where it came from and how to create one.     Johanna starts her talk by relating her experience in a larp called Ground Zero (1998) designed by Jami Jokinen and Jori Virtanen. The game, who took place in Turku, Finland, was set in Tulsa, Oklahoma,… More

Nordic Larp

A tradition that views larp as a valid form of expression, worthy of debate, analysis and continuous experimentation which emerged around the Knutepunkt convention. It typically values thematic coherence, continuous illusion, action and immersion, while keeping the larp co-creative and its production uncommercial. Workshops and debriefs are common. More

Mapping Larp

This diagram (fig.2) attempts to compare larp forms by mapping examples within each style according to player interactions and physical involvement. More

Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

Live action role playing is in every way similar to board games, table-top role playing or even video games, except, players physically act out their character’s adventure. LARPs demand high physical involvement as the fictional world merges with the real environment. A game can last up to a few days during which the players are not allowed to break character. All in all, LARPs involve creating a character, dressing up, utilizing your skills and being extremely social as they can include up to hundreds of people. More

Is Larp a neo-tribe?

In jeux de Masques (1988), Maffesoli identifies a shift in the structure of society from a mechanical model, where individuals were identified within rationalised classes, to an organic structure, where mass society’s personas, no longer bound by identity but by changing affections, assemble and disassemble for ritual gatherings. These dynamic groups are what he calls neo-tribes, a non-hierarchical group of individuals that punctually lose their ‘self’ in an emotional collective. Larping is a both an entertaining hobby and a serious endeavour in which all participants regardless of age, sex, social status, geography, religious or cultural belief abandon their identities not… More