Project: - Thesis & FMP -

Collection of thoughts, enquiries and preliminary research towards my final major project

Thesis proposal draft

Poetic IoT How can poetic interaction benefit the design of the internet of things?   Field of research This research will look at the current uses of the Internet of Things (IoT). I would like to approach this subject through the notion of poetics building on works from literature and design to propose alternatives to the dominating trend in IoT design.   Context   Smart objects are inviting themselves in our cities, our homes and on our bodies providing us with guidance on how to live our lives efficiently and healthily. In Gartner’s Hype Curve for 2016, IoT… More

Reverse engineering proposal

Title Is it possible to make a cheap £3.99 toaster at a domestic scale?   Field of study Science and its history : Use archives and historical research to study the main raw materials that compose the toaster. Research and apply DIY, small scale pre-industrial making processes and common practice. 9-month time limit: No need to know everything. Rely on professional expertise to gather resources Somewhere between critical design and engineering   Context DIY and maker cultures promote domestic scale projects Sustainability is a burning issue and global extracting and production firms are taking the blame for destroying the planet… More